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Activity Stream

Activity Stream

  1. Boompanda added a topic in ARK: Survival Evolved   

    New Ark Server
    Hey folks,
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  2. Rage added a post in a topic Destiny 2 Rollcall   

    Doubtful. The only way I'd buy it is if I can get in on an open beta to try it and I end up liking it. From the footage I've seen the game is pretty lame. The PvE content seems pointless, everyone just rushes to the boss completely ignoring the trash NPC's. The PvP looks like a dumbed down version of Quake PvP. The beta would really have to win me over. 
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  3. JGZinv added a post in a topic Destiny 2 Rollcall   

    D2 on PC, the beta codes will be out in August.  If anyone is checking it out on PS4, my handle is the same on PSN, you don't need a subscription to play the beta evidently.
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  4. Skeetorius added a post in a topic Proud New Owner of a Reclaimer   

    Couldn't agree more.  This will give me time to get a good crew together and save some UEC to gear up and fly the thing.
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  5. spaceviking added a post in a topic Proud New Owner of a Reclaimer   

    Nicely put, but time will tell.  maybe 50/50%. 
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  6. IronSpyder added a post in a topic Destiny 2 Rollcall   

    I never played Destiny 1 and don't know much about it but I got Destiny 2 and early access and beta invite with my Nvidia 1080 card so I will at least try it out.
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  7. IronSpyder added a post in a topic Proud New Owner of a Reclaimer   

    More like you will need the Reclaimer AFTER the military tears up whomever is trying to pick on you ;)
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  8. spaceviking added a post in a topic Proud New Owner of a Reclaimer   

    Nice dude!
    I too have the superhornet. 2013 model.
    Have not played SC in a while. kinda waiting for 3.0.
    I&S will require Reclaimer assistance I suppose. Someone will have to do the cleanup when our "military" squad (Rage and his minions) can't keep us safe.
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  9. Stax added a post in a topic Destiny 2 Rollcall   

    I'm a maybe on it.  Destiny 1 didn't seem well fleshed out and I never completed the raid, just lost interest in the repetitiveness, day 1 as well.
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  10. JGZinv added a topic in Other Games   

    Destiny 2 Rollcall
    So who all is getting into Destiny 2?
    I'm a day 1 from Destiny 1, but frankly I'm pretty split over getting it for PS4 or hoping I can run it well on PC.
    the month+ wait from the console version and other differences are somewhat annoying as well.
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  11. Rage added a post in a topic Proud New Owner of a Reclaimer   

    Sweet man, congrats! The Reclaimer looks cool and seems pretty badass on paper. I'm torn between one of them and an Orion for my farming ship of choice. So far all of my ships are combat ships, but I'll have to acquire one of the workhorses once the game launches.
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  12. HitTheMan added a topic in Naval Action   

    Return to Naval Action - PVP EU
    So I'm trying out Naval Action again and I've chosen the PVP EU server, where I have redeemed all my stuff from my previous account. I've also chosen the British Empire Nation, Feel free to join me.
    Alot of changes has been made to this game, and it's too many to tell so I'd recommend to just stick your head in and take a look ^-^
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  13. Skeetorius added a topic in Ship Discussion   

    Proud New Owner of a Reclaimer
    It's been a while since I joined.  We have all been watching from a far and waiting, most currently, for 3.0 to drop.
    I am now the owner of:
    1.  Anvil Super Hornet
    2.  Aegis Reclaimer
    Put those on the list for my contribution and how I might be of assistance for the Sanctuary.  Now that I have a recaimer, we can get some guys together and earn some serious cash right out of the gate. Rescue people and salvage their ships for payment.  I'm here for the republic !!!
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  14. HitTheMan added a topic in Other Games   

    Tabletop Simulator, Weekly? Come and join
    Evening Gents, So I'm planning on gathering a group of warriors ( or people with no lives, also works), to join me on a epic quest ( or basically have fun playing a board game from time to time) to slay the..
    Ahh, fuck it, basically gathering numbers on who would like to play and join a group of people with a game from time to time on Tabletop Simulator, playing any games we all like or would love to try (incl RP games! OFCOURSE).
    Here's the form, it's not to remove people who have different playstyle, but to gather numbers and to show you what games you could be playing with us!
    Well, that's all from me
    Yours Sincerly,
    If you have no clue what Tabletop Simulator is, it's basically (basically it's basically and basically, too many good damn 'basically'), a game where you can play board games on the internet, with good physics and people making board games on the workshop + DLCs!
    PS, there is also a chance that if we get enough people I will get of my ass, and start learning a lot more than what I know already, about DMing a DnD game, so there is a chance of us playing DnD aswell, perhaps not on Tabletop Simulator, but on Roll20!  <3 
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  15. HitTheMan added a post in a topic Meanwhile in Norway..   

    Well at winter we down here in the south of Norway, we werent as lucky as you (rain and fucking more rain), but its been getting better lately (But we still have rain every 5days, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter.

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  16. Rage added a post in a topic Meanwhile in Norway..   

     Beautiful picture.
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  17. HitTheMan added a topic in Naval Action   

    Naval Action Wipe
    So there's an upcoming Wipe for Naval Action, so If you still have some interest in the game, here's some good info for you.
    This is a very important announcement and must not be ignored. 
    XP Synchronization will be removed from the game in the next patch that will come with the asset wipe.
    Due to these changes we recommend the following flow of action.
    Login to all servers you were not active and check your rank.If your rank is good enough for you you don't have to do anything. If your rank is for some reason lower than on your main server go on and sink one ship (which ship does not matter). This will update your character XP to your current max level on the servers you were not active.You don't have to do it on the main server.repeat procedure for all servers that are not your main server. Notify your friends who are not playing, but plan to return to game to do the same.Wait for wipeDuring the wipe day, your current XP and Crafting XP will be provided on all three servers as a redeemable (usable item)Each server will have 2 separate redeemables: one craft XP and one Battle XP (6 in total if you have characters on each server)Deletion or creation of new characters does not remove redeemables UNTIL you use themIf you are not sure about your nation choice or the future - DO NOT USE THE XP REDEEMABLES until you are absolutely sure about your nation choice. Use of redeemables is FINAL and cannot be reversedDO NOT USE THE XP REDEEMABLES until you are absolutely sure about your nation choiceYou can keep the XP redeemables for as long as you want. More
    Reminder of what Naval Action is, and what we have done:
    Also a tiny (pretty bad) recording I did with us playing some time ago (including our first Port Battle, at least for me and Bob)
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  18. IronSpyder added a post in a topic Discord is currently down   

    Woooo!!!! Someone posted to the forums again! lol, Thanks Wheatkings for the update. I noticed it was down for a bit but wasn't too concerned since I was at work so didn't really need it anyway. At first I thought it was just my phone so was just going to check when I got home but it was fixed before I even got home.
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  19. Wheatkings added a topic in Welcome   

    Discord is currently down
    As I'm sure most of you are aware Discord is having some issues with connectivity to the Google Cloud.  They have been working on the issue.  Here's their latest update as work resolving the issue progresses:

    For further updates feel free to head to: https://status.discordapp.com/
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  20. Stax added a topic in Other Games   

    Conan: Exiles
    Anyone still playing?   Do we or did we play on a certain server?
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  21. PhanttoM added a post in a topic PAX East 2017   

    Bah, don't remind me about the Elite part — I'm on the Beta for that, but all the guys I normally play with are busy, so I haven't gotten around to try the actual multicrew component yet.
    It's the 2.3 patch (part of Horizons paid expansion) which introduces avatar creation and multicrew.
    Prey. I keep thinking it's the cancelled Prey 2, with the bounty hunter western in space setting.
    Congrats on winning Exiles!
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  22. Stax added a post in a topic PAX East 2017   

    Turns out they weren't there (Elite: Dangerous was though, and it was pretty cool.  Multi-crew ships I think, I didn't get to try it).  It was fun though!  Bethesda is developing the new Prey which looks to be coming along nicely, Yooka-Laylee is awesome for any old school Banjo Kazooie fans, Mass Effect: Andromeda has some problems that need to be fixed, and the multiplayer looks to be an improved version of the MP from ME3 but the story seems really interesting and has decent graphics, The Switch console/tablet is much smaller in person and seems to have some flaws, the new Zelda game is apparently amazing however, I won Age of Conan: Exiles so I will be installing that shortly.
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  23. HitTheMan added a topic in Other Games   

    So, I've been playing Blackwake for some time, and so far it's a very fun game, with teamwork being the high requirement for having a good time (Mostly the captain yells out orders and hopefully the crew listens).
    So I've been playing as the captain 70-80% of the time so far, and it's quite an exhausting task, with ordering your crew, work with your friendly ships (Only played Fleet game version so far, 3 ship on each side: 1x Galleon, 2x Slopes/Ahoys).
    Below are some pictures of the game + score
    So, how the game work is that you need to kill enough of the enemy that they lose all tickets, and there are various ways of doing so. You got Ramming, Boarding with/without Grapple (The Grapple will tie down the enemy ship, while increasing the respawn timer on BOTH ships with at least 1 minute, and if you manage to kill all the enemy crew + the captain, the ship will sink and you have won. OR You can un-attach the grapple and escape), and firing cannons until A:) They cannot keep up with repairing holes and sink. OR B:) You keep killing the crew and drain their tickets.
    I've had a few rounds with Zergax and we've had fun (though there are kids and trolls and TKs, but hopefully & luckily, once we say they are TKing or being arseholes, the players on the side normally vote kicks them.
    So, If you liked Guns of Icarus Online, or any heavy teamwork games (Or pirates... There are pirates, or the British), you'll most likely like this game.
    ALSO, Let's get this community active again on the forums!
    If you have the game, feel free to share some of your best rounds or games below, If any (IN spoilers, so we don't increase the side and other reasons).
    -Best Regards,
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  24. PhanttoM added a post in a topic PAX East 2017   

    Ohai Stax,
    Is CIG even gonna be at PAX? Or is it gonna be like E3 last year with...nothing?
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  25. spaceviking added a post in a topic PAX East 2017   

    Hello Stax'y,
    welcome back. sorry. to far for me to travel.  so no PAX East for me.
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