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  1. We all know Valentines day is a fake holiday just to get us to buy cards. All women know this and accept it because women minds are weak and easily influenced by marketing departments. I[url="http://thoughtcatalog.com/laura-andrews/2014/03/all-women-are-crazy/"]f you don't believe this science study will change you mind[/url].

    Now because we are "required" to buy cards today the best thing to do is to buy ALL of them!

    I not saying go to the store and buy every valentines card but buy all of the major cards that the woman want.

    Cards you need:

    Valentine, Birthday, Anniversary, and Universal "good job" card

    [spoiler] [img]http://i1155.photobucket.com/albums/p554/Ben_Manahan/SAM_1104.jpg?t=1423854248[/img] [/spoiler]

    Now lets focus on the Valentine Day card

    The key is to buy one with lots of colors and words. the brighter the better. This MUST be the first card she opens to set the tone for the rest.

    [spoiler] [img]http://i1155.photobucket.com/albums/p554/Ben_Manahan/SAM_1111.jpg?t=1423854379[/img]

    on the left side of the card you write something romantic. it doesn't matter what it is as long as the word "LOVE" is in it. on the right side write something true about commitment because women are suckers for commitment.

    Now that the totem Valentines day card is done you tell the women

    "i know you want us to be responsible and i know you looooooooooove cards i decided to get you a birthday card!

    [spoiler] [img]http://i1155.photobucket.com/albums/p554/Ben_Manahan/SAM_1107.jpg[/img][img]http://i1155.photobucket.com/albums/p554/Ben_Manahan/SAM_1108.jpg[/img] [/spoiler]

    Now birthday card must be one of the 99 cent cards with a simple message. Because she has been wowed by the Valentines Day card no other card will live up to it so make sure the birthday card is more lame. Only write on one side of the card with as simple of message as possible with no words about love.

    Naturally she will be confused (unless of course she was born on February 14th) and don't give her time to ask why she is getting a birthday card.

    As she has that confused look on her face drop the next card into her lap! The Anniversary card.

    [spoiler] [img]http://i1155.photobucket.com/albums/p554/Ben_Manahan/SAM_1105.jpg[/img][img]http://i1155.photobucket.com/albums/p554/Ben_Manahan/SAM_1106.jpg[/img] [/spoiler]
    Make sure the card itself is something the woman would totally want BUT make sure the message you write isn't romantic at all. She will be happy that you got a card she likes but upset with the written message. This will cause all kinds of conflicting emotions! Again the next card must be given as you are leaving the room. You should say something like this.

    "oh before i forget you can use this card in case something great happens this year! See ya"

    at the see ya toss the last card in her general direction and run to a safe place.

    [spoiler] [img]http://i1155.photobucket.com/albums/p554/Ben_Manahan/SAM_1109.jpg[/img]
    again use a 99 cent card as generic as possible. Be sure to keep the "well done" options open by leaving what the well done thing is open. Normally you would want to see the reaction but that may not be safe....

    in case this is my last post ever i trust every one would have a great Valentines day.
  2. On top of a desolate New Mexico plateau, a small, innocuous forestry outpost overlooks the moonlit plains. A casual observer could never suspect the secret this cluster of wooden buildings conceal beneath them. Mechanical thunder shakes the night, and helicopter spotlights blast the base with cold illumination as a dust cloud expands across the mesa beneath the three approaching Blackhawks.

    Perched at the open door of a descending chopper, Patel adjusts his thermal imaging optics and spots two figures quickly fleeing the outpost. "Major! We've got runners." He braces his rifle and takes aim. Hernandez checks his shoulder. "Command has already tagged them. Stay on mission." With the Blackhawks hovering, three special forces fire teams fast-rope out and run to a large barn set apart from the main cluster of buildings. Disco Team, led by Major Hernandez and equally suited for both recon and assault, takes point. HardRock Team follows, bearing satchels bulging with a variety of highly destructive explosives. The most heavily armed and armored, Motown Team brings up the rear.

    Within the barn, a pair of camouflaged doors set into the floor stand open above a platform large enough for two transport trucks. The fifteen soldiers efficiently secure the area before assembling the lift. Hernandez quickly assesses his teams and then presses a button on a control box. The lift begins its slow, grinding descent 150 feet down into Subterra Bravo. No one speaks for the full three minutes it takes to reach the first floor of the base. Finally the platform stops with a clang before a pair of massive blast doors. The doors part, admitting the three teams into a long entry tunnel littered with the fresh corpses of human soldiers and alien-engineerd monsters alike.

    The air, thick with caustic fumes, immediately provokes a flurry of choking gags from the soldiers. "Gas! Seal up!" Hernandez shouts, pushing his respirator into place and sealing his helmet. Within seconds every soldier breathes comfortably behind a sealed helmet or, in Miller's case, a protective gas mask. "They've flooded the whole facility with their atmosphere," Hernandez says. "That means they're probably still crawling around on the top levels." "I'd be bummed if they weren't," Miller snickers.

    Hernandez turns to face the three specialist teams. "Motown Team, hold that door. Nothing gets out. And stay on freq with Command. We're going to be deep, and even though local comms work down here, we've got no contact to the outside world without that satcomm." He checks his watch. "HardRock Team, stand by while we sweep the level. We'll signal when it's clear to start placing that demo." Readying his rifle, he turns to face the engulfing darkness of the wide tunnel beyond. "Disco, let's move."

    The team members assume combat posture - weapons forward, arms tucked in - and advance into the darkness with measured steps. Miller lifts his chin at Patel. "Nervous, newb?" DeGroot's blocky helmet scans side to side, his softly glowing optics searching the shadows of the expansive corridor around them. "Since none of us have ever been in combat with aliens or genetically engineered hybrids, doesn't that make us all newbs?" "Buncha pasty-faced vate-grown midgets," Miller scoffs. "How though can they be?"

    Disco team exits the elevator and finds themselves in a dark room, lights flickering, bodies, both human and alien, scattered around. Major Hernandez looks at the corporal Miller and says "check the door, we'll cover you." Miller moves to the door and finds it unlocked. The blast doors open with a hiss and the corporal is startled by a creature standing right next to him, on the other side of the door. The creature is also startled, before it can recover itself a hunting knife plunges into its neck. Pulling back his knife the reconnaissance specialist shouts, "contact!" "Open fire," the major orders. He aims his gun at another moving shadow deeper in the next room and fires. A screech resounds in the room and the shadow falls dead. Staff sergeant DeGroot moves into the doorway and revs up his gun, splattering the last clone into a mangled corpse. "Nice shot," sergeant Patel says to DeGroot while he moves past him into the room. "Hey, what's this," he says picking up a rod from the floor. After looking over the room one final time, Miller moves next to him and says "that would be a stun rod, rookie." "Might come in handy later," Patel says, as he secures the stun rod on his belt.

    "We just entered and we're already encountering hostiles, Williams use your abilities to assist, this is going to get messy," the major says. "Roger that, sir," the lieutenant replies, "I'll have to concentrate though, so I will not be able to assist in a fire fight." As lieutenant Williams starts to focus the rest of Disco finds themselves thinking clearer and their senses heightened. "I'll never get used to that," the rookie quietly remarks. "Ok, we have 3 doors to check. One of these has to lead to the security office and we also need to find the elevator," Hernandez says, "Miller, let's see what's behind door number 1." As corporal Miller moves up to the door on the left, the rest of Disco team takes aim, they're not about to get surprised again. "The doors locked," Miller grumbles, "give me a second." He quickly hacks the lock and hears another hiss as the doors open. Weapon ready, the corporal dashes into the room. It's brightly lit, so he squints for a few seconds as his eyes adjust after the dark room he just came out of. Taking a quick scan of the area he says, "all clear. I've found the elevator." While the Major marks it on his map, Miller notices a stimpack lying on the ground. He picks it up and puts it in one of his pouches. Never hurts to be prepared for anything, he thinks to himself.

    Sergeant Patel moves to the door on the right side of the room, down a small corridor. "This door is unlocked," he says as he opens it. He quickly realizes his mistake as he sees 3 clones at the end of the next room with weapons aimed at him. "Contact," he yells as he lets off a few rounds, hitting one of the clones in the chest and dropping it to the floor. "Damn it rookie," DegGroot says as he sprints past him and opens fire at two unarmed clones hiding behind the corner. Both hit the ground in a mist of blood. In the mean time Patel has recovered himself and deploys his taunter drone, specially designed to attract the attention of enemy combatants. "Drone is up," says the sergeant as Hernandez moves past. While running to join the staff sergeant, the major takes aim and fires a burst of rounds at another armed clone. It's head explodes. The last 2 clones in the room charge the major shooting. Thankfully the taunter drone does its job and distracts them making their shots fly wild. DeGroot and Hernandez both take aim and blast the last two remaining clones.

    Miller and Williams have encountered their own problems though. Before they could move out to assist Patel, 2 clones crawled out of a vent in the elevator room. The first one fired his blaster at recon specialist, missing by inches. The second one is unarmed and lashes out with his vicious claws. Miller quickly dodges the claws and draws his big knife again. The clone and corporal Miller go back and forth for a few second, slashing and dodging. Finally Miller severs the muscles in its left arm and plunges the knife in the clone's bulging head. Upon hearing the struggle Miller has dispatching the clone, Williams stops focusing on assisting his teammates and takes aim at the armed clone. He is dizzy after using his powers though so his first shots fly wild. The second shot however hits the clone in the neck.

    After the firefight Hernandez tells the rest of the team to take stock of their gear and take a moment to look around the environment. While searching the room they just cleared rifleman Patel finds a clip of armor piercing rounds. This is useless against these small creatures but there's bound to be bigger baddies around, he thinks while putting away the clip. Sergeant DeGroot moves over to the armed clones at the end of the room. Not much was left of the ones he blasted. When they first encountered these clones he thought they were small, now he saw that they're actually as tall as him, they just crawled around hunched over. He figured that this would allow them to quickly traverse through vents and small corridors and also giving them great speed in open areas. He also notices that the clones without guns are not defenseless as they first thought, seeing a set of razor sharp claws on each of them. "Make sure you don't get scratched by those things, that'll probably go right through your body armor," he remarks over comms. "Now you tell me," the corporal says out of breath, "it seems they're using vents to get around major. We had a pair crawl up in the elevator room." "Ok, secure that room and everyone cover any vents you notice," major Hernandez orders his team.

    He had just finished his sentence when 3 clones enter the room through a hole in the wall opposite of where the team entered. They open fire on DeGroot and Patel as they are the closest to them. Patel quickly dodges behind an steel locker, while the staff sergeants reinforced armor allows him to take two hits without any problem. "Let's reply in kind," the heavy support says, unleashing the bull on the three intruders. One clone manages to dodge the initial burst of bullets. However, a sustained burst from DeGroot's gun blasts his insides on the wall behind him, next to those of the other clones. "They're going to keep coming so let's do this fast," Hernandez tells the others. "Miller, go through that last door in the main room, we're taking the far corridor here and we'll meet up in the middle, sergeant DeGroot hang back and cover the lieutenant" he says while looking over the plans of the area. The team acknowledges his command and moves into position. The sergeant tries opening the door but it's stuck, after a few tries he gives up and says, "sir, could you give me hand." Before the major can walk over to him they hear screeches from the back. "Report," Hernandez calls out. "I got contact," the recon specialist shouts.

    He had moved to the last door in the main room and as soon as he opened it he had come under fire. Quickly running to the end of the hallway, he managed to kick another weaponless clone before stabbing it dead. Taking cover behind one of the four pillars he radios his team, "Williams look out, one of them is headed your way, another has me pinned down in here." "Don't worry, I've got him," DeGroot lets them know before shooting the creature as it jumped towards the countermeasures specialist. As Williams nods at the heavy support specialist, the latter notices 2 clones crawling out of the vent in the elevator room again. "Behind you," he shouts. The lieutenant quickly turns and fires a single round at one of the clones, missing it. The other one takes advantage of this opportunity and takes a shot at lieutenant Williams, hitting him in the shoulder, leaving a burn mark. DeGroot quickly fires his gun, shooting at both clones in the elevator room. Seeing no more movement, he calls out, "all clear here."

    "If we can quickly clear this room, we can flank the one that has Miller cornered," Hernandez remarks as he and his rifleman force open the door. Moving down the corridor they too come under fire, thankfully the taunter drone does its job well and they don't get hit. "We're not going to get to you in time, Miller," the major says over comms, "can you take him out yourself?" While talking he and Patel take shots at two clones hiding on the other side of the room, taking both of them down but hearing a third hiding in the shadows.

    "No problem, sire," 'Copperhead' says while rushing towards the clone with his knife drawn. The clone frantically shoots at the deadly human charging straight at him. Miller gets his in the side but doesn't slow him pace, taking a leap and landing on top of the creature, his dagger digging deep in its flesh. He takes a moment to check his side and sees it's a minor flesh wound. He hears skittering through the hole in the wall in front and quickly retreats to the closed door leading to the room where the major and the sergeant are. Before opening it he finds two clips of tracer ammo and a security monitor on the floor. He looks back noticing 5 clones crawling through the hole in the wall, running at him. Three of them are armed with blaster and fire at him while running, hitting him once in the shoulder. "I need some help here," he yells through his comlink.

    Before DeGroot or Williams can respond they get charged by two more clones, biting and slashing at them. Williams nimbly dodges and puts a round in his assailant. The staff sergeant isn't so lucky though, he gets slashed in his forearm . Grabbing the clones with his other hand, he squeezes hard, breaking its neck. Grumbling under his breath DeGroot runs down the corridor towards the corporal. Reaching the door sergeant DeGroot opens fire on the group of clones that are charging his teammate, taking down four of them in his spray of bullets. Miller dispatches the last clone with his knife and looks at DeGroot, "thanks for the assist," he says. "No worries, not sure why you were worried though, they weren't that difficult to take down," DeGroot laughs. "Yeah, well if I had a gun like yours I'd be able to take on a lot more," Miller replies. "And if my dad had a dick he'd be my mother," the heavy gunner quickly retorts, regretting it immediately.

    Just at that moment major Hernandez and sergeant Patel charged the last clones in the room but hearing DeGroot's comment over their comlinks they get distracted and both miss the clone. The major even taking a hit in his arm. "Clear comms, damn it," he calls out as he takes cover behind a concrete wall with Patel. As the rifleman peeks around the corner he notices 3 more clones crawling out of a vent in the ground and spreading out. "Sir, I can see the security office, I can make a dash for it while you cover me." "I won't be much help covering you, son. I'll run, you cover," Hernandez responds holding his shoulder. Patel leans around the corner firing to cover his team leader. As luck would have it he hits a clone taking aim at the major, slumping it to the floor. When the major reaches the office door both of them hearing a roaring thunder and see flashes of light. Sergeant Patel sees three clones get blasted to pieces. What he doesn't notice is the recon specialist sneaking up on two others and slitting their throats before they realize what is happening. DeGroot and Miller move to join the sergeant and the major as they enter the office.

    The team rifles through cabinets and desk drawers in the former installation commander's office. Miller scrutinizes an empty bottle of twelve-year Macallan and a dirty glass that suggests the Colonel, now MIA, might have expected his tragic end was near. "If I was chained to a desk in this shithole for five years, I'd try to drink myself to death, too." He tosses the bottle to the floor and flops down in the colonel's chair. "I hate office work."

    "Here we go, Major." Miller pulls a stack of stapled documents from a bin in the desk and quickly glances over them. "Maintenance work orders. It's not a map, but you can see what's on each floor." Hernandez takes the stack of papers and flips through them. "Perfect. Looks like engineering is LEVEL 4. That's where the air circulators will be. Anybody got anything else?" "Fate smiles upon us once again." DeGroot holds up a clipboard securing a sheaf of papers. "Base Security Duty Roster. Says right here, 'LEVEL 5 - Vault.' But it looks like everything below LEVEL 4 was under Cronos' complete authority."

    "That's where the data files will be." Hernandez folds up the work orders and stores them in a pouch on his belt. "We're in business. Let's get to work, Disco." As the team moves toward the door, Patel pipes up. "How'd we get stuck with the name 'Disco,' anyway?" "Enlighten the FNG, Miller," Hernandez says. Miller throws his arm around Patel's shoulders jovially, guiding him to the door. "Ain't you figured it out yet, newb? It's cuz we always be 'stayin' alive'."

    As Patel laughs at Millers joke he doesn't notice a clone jumping out of the vent straight at him, plunging its claws in his leg. The major accurately takes a shot and drops the attacking creature to the floor. At the same moment a screech sounds throughout the level. "We've overstayed our welcome, guys. Let's hustle to the elevator. Lieutenant cover our approach, DeGroot cover our back." The major's orders are quickly executed as the major supports the rookie. Miller goes on ahead to clear the way, surprising a couple of armed clones with a stab and a slash. As Williams sees his teammates run down the corridor, he notices a bunch of clones crawling out of the vent in the elevator room. He quickly dives behind cover and takes a few shots, missing his targets. As they near the end of the corridor 3 clones start running down the other end. the heavy support, who is covering the back, opens fire. Not only does he take out the clones but also a section of the wall, blocking further enemies from advancing. As the team round the corner to the elevator room they focus fire as a team on the 4 enemies standing between them and their exit. They are able to take them out quickly but not before Patel gets another superficial slash on his arm. As the smokes clears the team moves to the elevator. "Let's patch up our wounds and check our gear on our way to the next level," the major orders as he pushes the button. His voice sounds confident but in his mind all he can think of is, this is going to be a long mission.

    End of mission 1

  3. Japan people are doing some pretty crazy things, but tonight I found a pretty crazy thing. Japan is known for testing the limits, but this time, they are actually testing different kinds of tires and how well they jump and fly. Not only are they being resourceful and re-purposing an unused ski-jump, but they are also providing information on how well a tire will fly.

    This video also provides some facts on how well a tire accelerates down a ramp.

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