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  1. JGZinv added a post in a topic Destiny 2 Rollcall   

    D2 on PC, the beta codes will be out in August.  If anyone is checking it out on PS4, my handle is the same on PSN, you don't need a subscription to play the beta evidently.
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  2. JGZinv added a topic in Other Games   

    Destiny 2 Rollcall
    So who all is getting into Destiny 2?
    I'm a day 1 from Destiny 1, but frankly I'm pretty split over getting it for PS4 or hoping I can run it well on PC.
    the month+ wait from the console version and other differences are somewhat annoying as well.
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  3. JGZinv added a post in a topic Hail and well met   

    I used to play KillingFloor 1 and 2 with some folks, ran a server for a while.
    As a fan of things metal, shiny, and protective, I say good sir, that is a fine helmet you have there.
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  4. JGZinv added a post in a topic life updates   

    If only it were so easy....
    Realistically I think I'd rather work for Valve or a VR company.
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  5. JGZinv added a post in a topic life updates   

    Mostly the same, more stressed and crazy.
    Been working on a anime version of cards against humanity with some improvements. 630 cards.
    Also doing home repairs, probably get a roommate shortly to help offset bills.
    Also fighting family with mental issues. Left eye is slowly falling apart. I'll still shoot you though.
    Made all of 2K for the year thanks to contract job not yielding anything, on the hunt for something stable.
    Otherwise been going to conferences and conventions, building up contacts to run my own.
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  6. JGZinv added a post in a topic F7A Hornet updated model   

    I agree on the fans and visibility. I'm still not a fan of the snub nose, it just looks incomplete... but it'll be nice to see these changes ported to the super.

    It actually does make me want to keep my super slightly more now, as it just being fugly compared to the Sabre or Tali, and well, it's worth like 4x more.
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  7. JGZinv added a post in a topic Happy Treason Day!   

    Ah yes the day we killed a bunch of aliens, twice.
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  8. JGZinv added a post in a topic New career in 2.4 - space breakdancing   

    It's the future man, anything is possible.
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  9. JGZinv added a post in a topic New career in 2.4 - space breakdancing   

    don't forget, you can do that in VR... experience what it's like in a rock tumbler at mach 4.
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  10. JGZinv added a post in a topic Who the hell is Squall!   

    Squall as in making a lot of noise suddenly, or as in a torrent of rain, sleet, or hail?
    JGZ - asking the important questions.
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  11. JGZinv added a post in a topic Star Wars Rogue One - OMG   

  12. JGZinv added a post in a topic Star Wars Rogue One - OMG   

    Based on the age I would think we saw Moff Tarkin in there... he was an admiral before he became a Moff.
    Looks okay, probably will end up going to it. The pandering to everything and
    That Mon Mothma lookalike tho... darn they cloned her didn't they.
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  13. JGZinv added a post in a topic Pure Gold (MWO)   

    It looked better back in the day on a tube TV at 6 in the morning. Plus really, the characters had a lot of animation and expressions, then they
    integrated the 3D computer graphics of the mechs closing in. It was kinda cool then...
    I mean hey it had this to compete with -
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  14. JGZinv added a post in a topic Pure Gold (MWO)   

    I watched it fairly frequently, it came on a bit to o early for me to get up. I have a few of the mechs and the banshee plane that came out at K-Mart at the time.
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  15. JGZinv added a post in a topic Pure Gold (MWO)   

    I like these:

    Left Arm: 3 Pew-Pew
    Hand Actuator: Now you’re just joking.
    Lower Arm Actuator: Does it look like it has an elbow? No.
    Middle Torso: 2 Pew-Pew
    Right Torso: 1 Automatic Missile Shooter
    Right Arm: 1 Boom
    Lower Arm Actuator: Didn’t we just go over this?
    Hand Actuator: You know what?  Fine, have a hand actuator if you want it so much.
    Module Slots:
    Mech: 1 per extra $10 paid at time of purchase
    Consumable: 1 per goat sacrificed at time of purchase
    Weapon: 1 per year of indentured servitude to Paul
    • Awesome (all variants): Now 12% more awesome (approximate value).
    • Blackjack (all variants): All weapons now deal exactly 21 damage.
    • Black Knight (all variants): The Black Knight will continue to survive after losing all four limb components.
    • Cicada (all variants): Every 13 or 17 years a Cicada can unlock access to a Sonic Attack Consumable Item.
    • Dragon (all variants): Can now grant wishes if all Memory Cores are united.
    • Executioner (all variants): Now known as the Koala.
    • Executioner (all variants): Now powered by copious amounts of eucalyptus leaves.
    • Gargoyle (all variants): Turns into stone during the daytime.
    • Griffin (all variants): Piloting a Griffin now requires a successful Skill Check (Handle Animal).
    • Hellbringer (all variants): Now brings forth the apocalypse.
    • Highlander (all variants): Can now only be defeated through decapitation.
    • JagerMech (all variants): Can now perform a special Jager Bomb stun attack (on itself).
    • Jenner (all variants): Five Jenner 'Mechs of any variant can now form into a unique Atlas variant.
    • Firing a Gauss Rifle now requires you to hold the mouse button down and release, while also holding L+CTRL, Num Lock, and F7, while also touching a molar with your tongue.
    • All Weapons now have a 10 second Cooldown period to better adhere to the tabletop rules, with an addition to the Gauss Rifle receiving a 45 second Cooldown.
    • Frozen City: The tunnel now has a fast food drive through with really excellent soft serve ice cream, you should try it.
    • Grim Flexus: All crystal formations have been replaced with flexing muscles.
    • Due to extensive feedback from players, inverted mouse controls are now enabled by default.
    Bug Fixes
    • Bitching Betty dialogue has been replaced with various cat meows.
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