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  1. HitTheMan added a topic in Naval Action   

    Return to Naval Action - PVP EU
    So I'm trying out Naval Action again and I've chosen the PVP EU server, where I have redeemed all my stuff from my previous account. I've also chosen the British Empire Nation, Feel free to join me.
    Alot of changes has been made to this game, and it's too many to tell so I'd recommend to just stick your head in and take a look ^-^
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  2. HitTheMan added a topic in Other Games   

    Tabletop Simulator, Weekly? Come and join
    Evening Gents, So I'm planning on gathering a group of warriors ( or people with no lives, also works), to join me on a epic quest ( or basically have fun playing a board game from time to time) to slay the..
    Ahh, fuck it, basically gathering numbers on who would like to play and join a group of people with a game from time to time on Tabletop Simulator, playing any games we all like or would love to try (incl RP games! OFCOURSE).
    Here's the form, it's not to remove people who have different playstyle, but to gather numbers and to show you what games you could be playing with us!
    Well, that's all from me
    Yours Sincerly,
    If you have no clue what Tabletop Simulator is, it's basically (basically it's basically and basically, too many good damn 'basically'), a game where you can play board games on the internet, with good physics and people making board games on the workshop + DLCs!
    PS, there is also a chance that if we get enough people I will get of my ass, and start learning a lot more than what I know already, about DMing a DnD game, so there is a chance of us playing DnD aswell, perhaps not on Tabletop Simulator, but on Roll20!  <3 
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  3. HitTheMan added a post in a topic Meanwhile in Norway..   

    Well at winter we down here in the south of Norway, we werent as lucky as you (rain and fucking more rain), but its been getting better lately (But we still have rain every 5days, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter.

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  4. HitTheMan added a topic in Naval Action   

    Naval Action Wipe
    So there's an upcoming Wipe for Naval Action, so If you still have some interest in the game, here's some good info for you.
    This is a very important announcement and must not be ignored. 
    XP Synchronization will be removed from the game in the next patch that will come with the asset wipe.
    Due to these changes we recommend the following flow of action.
    Login to all servers you were not active and check your rank.If your rank is good enough for you you don't have to do anything. If your rank is for some reason lower than on your main server go on and sink one ship (which ship does not matter). This will update your character XP to your current max level on the servers you were not active.You don't have to do it on the main server.repeat procedure for all servers that are not your main server. Notify your friends who are not playing, but plan to return to game to do the same.Wait for wipeDuring the wipe day, your current XP and Crafting XP will be provided on all three servers as a redeemable (usable item)Each server will have 2 separate redeemables: one craft XP and one Battle XP (6 in total if you have characters on each server)Deletion or creation of new characters does not remove redeemables UNTIL you use themIf you are not sure about your nation choice or the future - DO NOT USE THE XP REDEEMABLES until you are absolutely sure about your nation choice. Use of redeemables is FINAL and cannot be reversedDO NOT USE THE XP REDEEMABLES until you are absolutely sure about your nation choiceYou can keep the XP redeemables for as long as you want. More
    Reminder of what Naval Action is, and what we have done:
    Also a tiny (pretty bad) recording I did with us playing some time ago (including our first Port Battle, at least for me and Bob)
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  5. HitTheMan added a topic in Other Games   

    So, I've been playing Blackwake for some time, and so far it's a very fun game, with teamwork being the high requirement for having a good time (Mostly the captain yells out orders and hopefully the crew listens).
    So I've been playing as the captain 70-80% of the time so far, and it's quite an exhausting task, with ordering your crew, work with your friendly ships (Only played Fleet game version so far, 3 ship on each side: 1x Galleon, 2x Slopes/Ahoys).
    Below are some pictures of the game + score
    So, how the game work is that you need to kill enough of the enemy that they lose all tickets, and there are various ways of doing so. You got Ramming, Boarding with/without Grapple (The Grapple will tie down the enemy ship, while increasing the respawn timer on BOTH ships with at least 1 minute, and if you manage to kill all the enemy crew + the captain, the ship will sink and you have won. OR You can un-attach the grapple and escape), and firing cannons until A:) They cannot keep up with repairing holes and sink. OR B:) You keep killing the crew and drain their tickets.
    I've had a few rounds with Zergax and we've had fun (though there are kids and trolls and TKs, but hopefully & luckily, once we say they are TKing or being arseholes, the players on the side normally vote kicks them.
    So, If you liked Guns of Icarus Online, or any heavy teamwork games (Or pirates... There are pirates, or the British), you'll most likely like this game.
    ALSO, Let's get this community active again on the forums!
    If you have the game, feel free to share some of your best rounds or games below, If any (IN spoilers, so we don't increase the side and other reasons).
    -Best Regards,
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  6. HitTheMan added a post in a topic SGN 8/4/16   

    Aww man, 8pm EST (2AM CEST/GMT +2), hmm, could try but hard.
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  7. HitTheMan added a post in a topic life updates   

    I'd love to hook up and play some DnD sometime
    BTW, o 7d2d, i found the Calipers.
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  8. HitTheMan added a post in a topic Star Citizen gamescom 2016 videos   

    *HitTheMan is drooling a small ocean within his cockpit* I'm seeing a lot that could happen in 3.0 :D'
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  9. HitTheMan added a post in a topic Our Great King of Sweden...   

    Länge leve kungen!
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  10. HitTheMan added a topic in Other Games   

    Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion Game Night - When and where
    Alright ye dry sandbags, we got the time sorted. From the numbers we'll start somewhat at (Use this to figure out your time zone http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/):
    3PM GMT Saturday --> Until we get bored and do not like to play Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion anymore, or not the mod we're planning to use
    YES, were still planning on using the mod Star Trek: Armada 3 - A Call to Arms, but we may change this depending on what the people we're playing with feel, so if you see us play normal and want too hook up, its never too late! (Except for when we're in the middle of a game trying to make *love and peace*)
    Now then you sorry sack of friendship lovers, will you meet up to make love and enhance/strenghen your friendship with us or will you not? Hope to see ya all at the very least at some point on Saturday!

    Where to download the mod at, ye lazy buttercups: http://www.moddb.com/mods/star-trek-armada-3/downloads
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  11. HitTheMan added a topic in Other Games   

    Oy slackers! Sins of the Empire: Rebellion - Game night!

    Hey ye good damn lobsters, here's the form to "sign up" and see what time, day and more will be done: http://goo.gl/forms/HL6RhmZpaO
    That's it, I'm out.
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  12. HitTheMan added a topic in ARMA 3   

    Testers needed for Missions (!)
    Hey there lads, I'm looking for people to give me some idea of what they think of these missions I've made using 3D Editor, Just short/small ones. 3 Singleplayer and 1 CO-OP (5). I'll post them here in chat via Steam (They are on steam and shared with friends only. If you want to try and don't have me as friend, add me on steam = Coolicemr / HitTheMan)
    Hope to hear from ya!  And thanks for any feedback
    CO-OP: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=627557509
    Single: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=627025266 
    Single: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=632306232 
    Single: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=633702282 
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  13. HitTheMan added a post in a topic Naval Action   

    Ahh, Sorry but I'm not (Perhaps not yet at least) a Data/Web side person, But that does sound better, but quite something to do. So Google Sheets first, and Web Page when we Require it?
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  14. HitTheMan added a post in a topic Naval Action   

    Nice, but I think a Google Sheet would be faster and more useful, but that's my opinion :3
    BTW i'll make a temp sheet for myself so that's done, i'll send the link to you so you have it in case I'll go to bed. I'll be done with the Info Gathering less than 1-2 hours give or take :3
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  15. HitTheMan added a post in a topic Naval Action   

    Nice, was actually planning the same! I'll give you the info as soon as you've done that
    Quite a horrible job to be honest, want to level up and get a "shitton" of gold. But HEY! It has to be done eh?!  <3 
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