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  1. Skeetorius added a post in a topic Proud New Owner of a Reclaimer   

    Couldn't agree more.  This will give me time to get a good crew together and save some UEC to gear up and fly the thing.
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  2. Skeetorius added a topic in Ship Discussion   

    Proud New Owner of a Reclaimer
    It's been a while since I joined.  We have all been watching from a far and waiting, most currently, for 3.0 to drop.
    I am now the owner of:
    1.  Anvil Super Hornet
    2.  Aegis Reclaimer
    Put those on the list for my contribution and how I might be of assistance for the Sanctuary.  Now that I have a recaimer, we can get some guys together and earn some serious cash right out of the gate. Rescue people and salvage their ships for payment.  I'm here for the republic !!!
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  3. Skeetorius added a topic in Welcome   

    Welcome to me
    Hey everyone.  Just going to do this one more time.  I posted a hey to all a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away.  Look forward to hooking up with ya all.
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  4. Skeetorius added a topic in Welcome   

    Hey all.  Old WC vet here.  Lookin' forward to hooking up with some other bounty hunters in here.  Anyone have a BH group set up yet?
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