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  1. IronSpyder added a post in a topic Destiny 2 Rollcall   

    I never played Destiny 1 and don't know much about it but I got Destiny 2 and early access and beta invite with my Nvidia 1080 card so I will at least try it out.
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  2. IronSpyder added a post in a topic Proud New Owner of a Reclaimer   

    More like you will need the Reclaimer AFTER the military tears up whomever is trying to pick on you ;)
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  3. IronSpyder added a post in a topic Discord is currently down   

    Woooo!!!! Someone posted to the forums again! lol, Thanks Wheatkings for the update. I noticed it was down for a bit but wasn't too concerned since I was at work so didn't really need it anyway. At first I thought it was just my phone so was just going to check when I got home but it was fixed before I even got home.
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  4. IronSpyder added a post in a topic New Ark Server 12/16/16   

    Thanks Phaesic for the invitation. I am betting there are a few out there that might want to join.
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  5. IronSpyder added a post in a topic The Dwarves- Kickstarter   

    I opened it up and went to the credits to see my name and avatar but...it is in the "I" section, the names are blobbed together and move fast, and it is in alphabetical order with no way to speed up, pause, or slow down so I never made it to the "I"s after like 20 minutes and gave up.
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  6. IronSpyder added a post in a topic Hail and well met   

    What time zone are you in so I know when a normal time would be that I might see you?
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  7. IronSpyder added a post in a topic Hail and well met   

    Yes, welcome again. I saw you on Discord and wanted to let you know if you want to jump into some WoWS just see if someone is on in Discord there is a few of us at differing levels that would love to play.
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  8. IronSpyder added a post in a topic SGN 11/1/16   

    As usual, all good points Stax. These scheduled nights are only one more added method for us to attempt to gather more individuals for playing together. I don't know about everyone lese but I rather paly with friends than by myself in most cases.
    Zerg, I did download that zombie game. I will have to try it out soon. Looks pretty decent for a free game. I know an old friend of mine and I would always play COD Zombie matches together and had some fun doing that. It was almost the only part of the COD games I liked anymore so this should be pretty fun as well especially since you can get up to 8 CoOp players involved in a single game
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  9. IronSpyder added a post in a topic SGN 11/1/16   

    Great I'll take a look. I like the FPS Zombie stuffs lol!
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  10. IronSpyder added a post in a topic SGN 11/1/16   

    How many people can be in a game at once?
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  11. IronSpyder added a post in a topic SGN 10/18/16   

    In case folks are around for tonight even though one is not scheduled per say just join Discord and get some games going. Too many folks play games with everyone else but never in discord playing with SR members. The biggest issue is that there are a lot of folks online and playing games but no one other than they same 5 or 6 people even join discord and play with other members. This game night was started in an attempt at trying to set up some sort of time to allow us a better opportunity for more members to gather and play some games together. It can happen with any game any time. All you have to do is join discord. You can figure out what game you may want to play when you talk to the others that are online. It's that easy.
    Thanks Stax! You are the man for trying to get this going again and all the work you have been putting into it.
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  12. IronSpyder added a post in a topic I'm Back!   

    Welcome Back Hunter! Saw you on Discord this morning but I am at work so can't talk on it, only use text chat. 
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  13. IronSpyder added a post in a topic SGN 10/18/16   

    You can't make me Stax!
    Oh and btw you cannot edit your vote once you vote the first time so don't change your mind afterwords. It'll be too late.
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  14. IronSpyder added a post in a topic Hi from Lefford   

    Anili just graduated so he can build you one boss!
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  15. IronSpyder added a post in a topic Birthdays!   

    Whoa Morbain! Happy Birthday Man!
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