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  1. Rage

    Semper Pergendum Intrepide

  2. Angry Gnome

    Five days until the Bills vs Patriots game, which means six days until I have to avoid Anili for a few weeks.

  3. Stax

    Mind on my money and my money on my mind.
  4. WhichOneIsWill

    Everything the internet says is true. - Abraham Lincoln

  5. 80hd » Frisian

    Happy Birthday!

    1. Frisian

      thanks a lot, mate :)
      • 0
  6. IronSpyder

    Beware, I think I'm contagious...err I mean poisonous

  7. BobTheNinjaZombi

    SR now sponsored by adult friend finder

    1. IronSpyder

      Will you be my friend?

      • 0
  8. JamesWindsor

    Working hard on the financial and economic issues that Sanctuary Republic may encounter around the 'verse.

  9. SecretSanta

    Ho ho hoes!

  10. greenlance

    Getting back into the Sanctuary Republic rhythm. Looking forward to Blizzcon & Dreamhack finals coming up!

  11. Slavik

    If i have anything intelligible to say, I'll be sure to let you know... warp dust!

  12. Driz Beranzen

    Although aiming to misbehave just a little is also an attractive proposition. Can't stay in the good books all the time now can we *sly wink*

  13. Driz Beranzen

    Whats on my mind? Hmmmmm, Star citizen obviously and staying in the good books with my wife is always top of mind.

  14. BobTheNinjaZombi

    Why are you reading this?

  15. Newyorksix

    what? on your mind

  16. CptnYankee

    Ever have one of those days where you just mod Skyrim until it breaks?

  17. ShakenBakery

    The verse needs me!

  18. Ivan


  19. Mikeumus

    Hello, it's great to e-meet.

  20. Miette » IllusiveMan

    Happy Birthday!

  21. doc

    It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything.