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Tabletop Simulator, Weekly? Come and join

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Evening Gents, So I'm planning on gathering a group of warriors ( or people with no lives, also works), to join me on a epic quest ( or basically have fun playing a board game from time to time) to slay the..

Ahh, fuck it, basically gathering numbers on who would like to play and join a group of people with a game from time to time on Tabletop Simulator, playing any games we all like or would love to try (incl RP games! OFCOURSE).


Here's the form, it's not to remove people who have different playstyle, but to gather numbers and to show you what games you could be playing with us! :D



Well, that's all from me

Yours Sincerly,



If you have no clue what Tabletop Simulator is, it's basically (basically it's basically and basically, too many good damn 'basically'), a game where you can play board games on the internet, with good physics and people making board games on the workshop + DLCs! :D


PS, there is also a chance that if we get enough people I will get of my ass, and start learning a lot more than what I know already, about DMing a DnD game, so there is a chance of us playing DnD aswell, perhaps not on Tabletop Simulator, but on Roll20! :D <3 

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